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BiolifeBiolife Italiana Srl is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality products for clinical, industrial and environmental microbiology: powdered and ready to use culture media, supplements and enrichments, kits and reagents for microbial identification.Biolife Italiana S.r.l. is certified for design, production, control and distribution of in vitro diagnostic products, according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485. Our target is to fulfil the customers’ requirements, as well as to constantly improve the quality of production and organisation and to develop new products.


Rapid Latex Tests

Employing highly specific antibodies, a range of rapid, high quality latex agglutination kits are available for the confirmation of many of the key pathogens encountered in clinical, food, environmental and water testing laboratories.
Latex agglutination kits allow to confirm, in few minutes and with excellent sensitivity and specificity results, the cultures of the following pathogens:

  • Staphylococcus aureus :  S. aureus Rapid Latex Test Kit.
  • Group A, B, C, D, F, G, Streptococci: Strep Grouping Latex Test Kit.
  • Salmonella spp.: Salmonella Rapid Latex Test Kit.
  • E. coli O 157: E.coli O157 Rapid Latex Test Kit.
  • Legionella : Legionella Rapid Latex Test Kit >

Latex agglutination kits are provided in a convenient pack with a long shelf life.


Our complete range of ready – to – use products includes:
90mm plates, 2-3 sectors plates, 55 mm plates for membrane filtration, 3-9-10-22 ml tubes, 100 and 200 ml bottles. Our Production of ready to use media is characterized by:

  • Over pressure sterile production environment.
  • Strict process controls.
  • Quality control of finished product according to EP.ISO11133, CLSIM22A.
  • Complete traceability from raw material to finished product (production. sterilization, packaging etc).
  • Certificates of analysis in our web site.
  • Formulations according to ISO specifications and European pharmacopoeia.
  • Customized formulations.
  • Audit welcome.


Rapid Latex Tests

For over 40 years Biolife produces culture media for Microbiology.
We were among the first companies to face this fascinating world, and with it to grow offering innovative formulations and always with reference to the analytical needs of Microbiologists.
Some of our culture media, first in the world industrially developed, did the history of Microbiology: Hektoen Enteric Agar, Giolitti and Cantoni Broth, MUG Media, ALOA.
Now our range of culture media selective supplements and enrichments includes more than 500 recipes and covers all the needs of a modern microbiological Laboratory.
Biolife offers awide range of Chromogenic Media in powder from, for some clinical applications.


Mascia Brunelliۥs R&D activities produced arrange of lateral flow tests for the rapid determination of analytics in biological samples.
Now we propose to our customers one of the most complete products range on the market of immunochromatographic rapid tests based on E.I.A and A.F.I.A technologies designed both on cassettes and dip-sticks.
our rapid tests help in the diagnosis in several fields of Clinical Laboratories :
Microbiology : Chlamydia, L.pneumophila antigen , strep A, Strep B , etc .
Gastroenterology : Adenovirus and Rotavirus , C.difficile toxins A and B, H pylori antigen , Cryptosporidium and Giardia , HAV , Lactoferrin , etc .
Respiratory Diseases : Adenoviruc, Influenza A and B, RSV .
Cardiac Markers : Troponin I,CK-MB , Mioglobin , D- dimer
Drugs of Abuse .
And moreover a 96 wells microplate ELISA for the determination of H.pylori antigen:
HePy Stool kit


We propose a full IVDs rang for diagnosis platelet disorders based on platelet aggregation tests: von willebrand disease, Glanzmann thrombasthenia, Bernard – Soulier syndrome storage pool disease, autoimmune disorders, myeloproliferative disorders etc. Our products studied for performing the platelet aggregation tests, are the following:
ADP 0,1 Mm for PRP aggregation test .
ADP 1 mM for whole blood aggregation test.
Epinephrine Collagen, Ristocetin, for both PRP and whole blood tests.
The platelet aggregation reageeents are available as "single" reagents or as a kit.

For the Haematological Laboratory we offer also a reagent for platelets count ( Stromatol ) and a modified Wright Stain for the blood smear staining (Hemofast )

Coloured bacterial suspensions for determination, by agglutination tests on slides or in test –tubes or titration in microplates, of antibodies associated to Salmonellosis Brucellosis and Rickettsiosis .
Fever Macrotest: stained bacterial suspensions for rapid agglutination tests in tube (Widal – Wright and Weil –Felix reactions). The packs contain the specific bacterial suspensions
Fever Microtest: stained bacterial suspension for rapid agglutination test in 96 wells microplates (widal – Wright and weil Felix reactions) . The kits contain: positive and negative controls, 96 wells microplate and microplate and the specific bacterial suspension
Fever Slide Test: Stained Bacterial suspensions for rapid agglutination slide test.
The kits contain: slides, positive and negative control and specific bacterial suspension.


Other ancillary products available for the Clinical Laboratory :
Transport Swabs for the collection and transport of microbiological specimens, ALL Kit for the collection and the treatment of the specimens   submitted for Mycobacteria detection, Biochemical Kits and Reagents for microbial identification , Biological  Indicators , empty plated and tubes for microbiology .

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