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AJ 5806 Ambulatory Infusion Pump

AJ5805 ambulatory infusion pump delivers a constant, controlled rate of medicine infusion therapy over several days. For chemotherapy application, this pump allows patient to receive chemotherapy over 24 hours at home or in the hospital. Doctor or nurse can program the pump to deliver the chemotherapy at the prescribed delivery rate.

Key advantages over ballon pump

  • Lower cost than ballon pump
  • Perfect accuracy compare to ballon pump
  • Use it at any angle, no need to be vertical

Ideal Solution for

  • Chemotherapy
  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Wound Management
  • Regional Anesthesia
  • Post-Operative Pain Management

Simple, Convenient and Affordable

  • Simple Operation
  • Simply Dial to Set Infusion Rate in Seconds
  • Complete Portable (carrying belt included)
  • Small and Light in Weight
  • Uses AA Batteries (included)
  • For Both Hospital and Home-care Use



Micropump™ MP-100

  • Our high accuracy 3 digit MicropumpTM

    MP-100 is an adjustable rate ambulatory syringe pump designed for continuous infusion of drugs typically used in hospital or home care treatment.
  • Three digit (one decimal) adjustment caters for a wide variety of rates using a single pump, in high precision 0.1 mm/hr steps from the lowest to the highest setting.

    LCD clearly displays flow rate information and alarm identification.

    The operating instructions include a convenient ml/hr-to-mm/hr conversion table from ml/HR to mm/HR for the most common syringes.

    Designed and manufactured for highest safety, with two micro-controllers and LCD display, it can be used with confidence in any modern drug delivery application, which needs portability or small size.

    Its ultra low battery consumption, makes it a first choice for both homecare and hospital treatment.
5001 syringe pump

SK-500I Syringe pump

  • Awarded with ISO13485: 2003 (TUV Germany) and CE certification (CE0197)
    All standard syringes of 10ml, 20ml, 50ml(SK-500I), 1ml, 5ml,10m(SK-500IA) are compatible. The machine diagnoses the syringe size automatically, and with a simple syringe specification setting, the syringe pump can guarantee an accurate and safe injection.
  • Unique function of bedside injection supervision which makes patients and their relatives as well as nurses more assured.
  • Excellent injection function and operation. Even small-volume injection is accurate.
  • Double CPU system ensures safe and reliable injection process.
  • Driven by precision step motor, no pulsating waves shall occur during even low-rate injection.
  • Accurate and sensitive pressure sensor detects occlusion pressure accurately.
  • Alarms are given in case of malfunction or operation error and the machine stops operation automatically.
6001 Infusion pump
SK-600I Infusion pump
  • Unique door-free structure and big LCD screen, making it easier and more
    convenient to operate and in the meanwhile avoiding problems of pump stuck and fluid leakage.

  • Unique function of bedside infusion supervision, making patients and their relatives more assured while also reducing nurses' workload. If used with SK-2000II and SK Data Collector Terminal, a bed No. can be set in the machine and then its infusion progress and alarm information can be displayed on the SK-2000II located at Nurse' s Station and SK Data Collector Terminal. The nurse, upon seeing and hearing the signal, can go and handle the unit accordingly.

  • All brands of standard IV sets are compatible. With only a simple calibration,
    it can guarantee an accurate, smooth and safe infusion.

  • When detecting air in line or occlusion, an audio and visual alarm signal shall be given instantly while at the same time the machine stops operation automatically, thus reducing the danger of air embolism to patients.

  • The infrared sensor shall give alarm signal when detecting excessive air pressure.

  • Application of double CPU, making the infusion process safer and more reliable.

  • Alarm signals are given in case of malfunction or operation error and the machine stops operation automatically.

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