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ProwessProwess Inc., a leading innovator in Windows-based treatment planning systems for radiation therapy treatment and OIS software, is headquartered in Concord, California. Prowess pioneered the DAO IMRT technology.
Panther 3D Conformal Therapy

Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed to improve the efficiency of today's busy radiation oncology departments, delivering more value to the health care environment that expects cost reductions and higher productivity without sacrificing the level of patient care.

Prowess has a competitive advantage by offering Panther 3D Conformal Therapy on the familiar and most user-friendly Windows® platform. Users are able to generate treatment plans quickly due to the familiar Windows® "look & feel" and Panther’s intuitive user interface.

Recognizing the financial realities of today's medical environment, Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed to be completely modular. Upgrading with additional modalities is completely seamless.

Affordably priced, backed by extensive training and prompt technical support, Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for ALL your treatment planning needs. more info


Prowess Panther DAO IMRT takes IMRT to the next level with Direct Aperture Optimization (DAO). Powered by a new 3D convolution/superposition dose calculation engine, which includes all the delivery constraints within the optimization process, Prowess Panther DAO IMRT is the only true WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) inverse planning system on the market, and the first and only commercial treatment planning system to incorporate DAO. more info

DAO-IMRT Jaws-Only

Prowess' unique Jaws-Only IMRT system uses only the jaws of the collimator to shape the beam, effectively eliminating the need for any other beam-shaping device, including an MLC or block.

An MLC attachment for a linear accelerator can cost several hundred thousand dollars. Many clinics have delayed the implementation of IMRT treatment planning because of the significant investment in additional equipment necessary to deliver IMRT plans. Prowess recognizes the need for a less expensive way of delivering IMRT. The new Prowess Panther™ Jaws-Only IMRT product makes it possible for cancer treatment centers to begin offering IMRT, without incurring the additional equipment costs of an MLC.

Determining whether a Record & Verify system (R&V) and an Auto Field Sequencer (AFS) are necessary would depend on the number of treatments being delivered by your facility and the complexity of the plans. more info


RealART solution from Prowess Inc. provides the answer to these problems. It allows real-time plan adaptation based on inter-fractional anatomic variations and incorporates current shape and location of tumor - eliminating the need for patient re-positioning. This technique devises utmost precision of radiation delivery for maximum treatment effectiveness and patient safet. more info



Prowess is committed to saving lives. Building upon years of research and experience, it has spearheaded into the future of radiation therapy and enabled treatment techniques beyond those currently available – taking Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) to a new level of accuracy and speed.

ProArc brings to the clinic unparalleled precision and greater patient comfort. Using a unique algorithm, Direct Aperture Optimization (DAO), this treatment planning system facilitates optimal delivery of radiation dose with just one gantry rotation – expediting seamless treatment and reducing patient on-table time.

Efficient and versatile, ProArc supports multiple vendor hardware and their rotational IMRT techniques. Whether your clinic uses Siemens, Varian, or Elekta linear accelerators, Prowess provides the perfect treatment planning system to help deliver the best of care. more info

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