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R-F10 Full Auto Refractor

LightLas - YAG Photodisruptor


  • LightLas YAG: The most advanced YAG laser Photodisruptor designed to maximize the workflow of any dynamic practice in treatment of Posterior Capsulotomy, Pupillary Membranectomy and Iridotomy procedures with ease and precision. more info

LightLas 532 Green Laser Photocoagulator

  • The third‐generation 532nm Green Laser Photocoagulator built on the existing LightLas platform. The LightLas 532 introduces new advancements in Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser cavity, and digitally controlled instant duty cycle electronics and software that permit the laser to be used at high power settings for extended periods of time. LightLas 532 has been especially designed for high activity use of the system, providing superior and reliable performance with ease of use, complemented by a large and flexible range of delivery choices, system configuration options and, still the unbeatable price point from LightMed. more info

LightLas SLT Photorejuvination

  • LightLas SLT: Represents the industry's most innovative, user friendly and price competitive Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty System. Available as an integrated single modality SLT or a dual SLT / YAG Laser System. more info



Tru-Scan 577/670 Pattern-Scan Laser

  • Presenting the TruScan Workstation: TruScan initiates the next generation of LightMed's premium line of Ophthalmic Laser Photocoagulator Family. TruScan combines over 20 years of LightMed design and research, utilising the latest in laser technology, ultimate features and functionality, whilst maintaining LightMed's unique business model still offering the 'best value for money' being the most price competitive dual wavelength – pattern scanning laser photocoagulator. more info



BOA mini plus

  • The pressotherapy device BOA mini plus is designed for rehabilitation rooms and home care. It is designed for conducting massages using seven algorithms including a special algorithm for lymphatic drainage. Each of the algorithms can be performed as a conventional ascending or descending massage. You can set different values of pressure drop (gradient) in each section of the compression sleeve, and adjust the time of a full algorithm performance sequence. The device is equipped with constant measurement of pressure in the currently inflated sleeve section, and emergency pressure release in case of pain reported by the patient. You can adjust the pressure within the range of 30 ÷ 140 mmHg. more info



BOA 2 Max

  • BOA MAX 2  medical device utilize state-of-the-art. technology. They are equipped with microprocessor controller that executes treatment procedures. At any time the microprocessor software can be upgraded to ensure its compatibility with current knowledge. This feature protects the device against premature functional ageing. more info