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  • • Radiation therapy Dosimetry and Quality Control equipment.
  • • Patient fixation systems for radiation oncology.
  • • Mould room.
  • • Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT).

Accessories for Radiology
  • • Radiation protection.
  • • Imaging Quailty Control.
Microbiology Culture Media

Culture media contain all the elements that most bacteria need for growth and are not selective, so they are used for the general cultivation and maintenance of bacteria kept in laboratory culture collections.


  • • Potable syringe pump.
  • • Ophthalmology equipment.
  • • Etc….



3D Water Scanning System
with Wireless Auto Setup and Operation

Designed to make your work smarter, faster and much easier than ever before.Uses
• LINAC Acceptance Testing
• TPS Beam Data Commissioning
• Monitor Calibration
• LINAC Accelerator QA

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The AIO Solution® 3.0

All-in-One Patient Positioning System The AIO Solution facilitates and refines treatments by limiting potential changes in the patient position to a minimum.
With one base plate and different sets of cushions and thermoplastic masks, all parts of the body are positioned and immobilized in a comfortable, exact and reproducible way.

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AlignRT® Advance

AlignRT Advance is a system which tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to aid in setup and treatment accuracy.
Using proprietary 3D stereo camera units, AlignRT Advance tracks the skin surface, and compares it to the ideal position with submillimetric† accuracy.
AlignRT Advance can automatically signal for the treatment delivery system to pause radiation if the patient moves out of the desired position, and there is no need for tattoos or additional radiation.

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X-ray protection

Lead equivalent in Pb With velcro closure (with quick release fastener, breast pocket, shoulder pad and embroidery on request) Front protection 0,25 mm, 0,35 mm or 0,50 mm Back protection 0,25 mm

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